A Reference Place for Postal Stationery and Picture Postcards.

For many years, Mr. Phila has taken part in developing of numerous online catalogs in the scope of collectibles – Philately, Music, Cinema, Books, etc. So we’ve decided to start this project as a reference place for postal collectibles, namely Postal Stationery and Picture Postcards, that are generally not well supported in terms of such a guides.

As a starting point, we are going to intensively develop narrow set of sections within both main categories. Depending on subscribers’ interest and suggestions, we can extend the covered area in the next stages of building the catalog.

In order to cover the running costs, we plan to apply paid subscription for users to see the developed categories.

Familiarize with the Catalog Guidance for basic things and start browsing the categories.
We hope that this initiative is useful and enjoyable for you!

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